It’s a blatant disregard for human life when psychiatrists ignore the dangers of antidepressants

There was a recent flurry of press attention that focused on the supposed efficacy of antidepressants. The psychiatric backslapping and high-fives suggested there was some kind of new discovery regarding the drugs when that was nowhere near the truth.

Over the decades, so much has been written about the adverse effects of antidepressants; their link to aggression, to school shootings and to suicidal thoughts and behaviour. It’s therefore out of the question that such death and destruction can be magically erased by this psychiatric charade.

If anything, the efficacy of antidepressants has fallen under even greater scrutiny, since the attempt to avoid reference to the damage and deaths hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The clever psychiatric propaganda machine has continued to pump out unscientific opinions that continue to be erroneously accepted as fact. It’s testimony once again to psychiatric and pharmaceutical marketing skills.

For those who have lost loved ones after they were prescribed antidepressants, it’s like a kick in the teeth. Psychiatrists prescribe drugs known to cause suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour. They then claim there’s no harm caused by the drugs and that they’re safe. Tell that to bereaved parents who would not have allowed the drugs to be prescribed if they had been fully informed.

If a person was truly fully informed, and was made aware of the violence, aggression and suicidal ideation that went along with antidepressants, it’s unlikely that person would consider taking them.

Also realise this – antidepressants are big business. Since 2000, the NHS has spent £5 billion on antidepressants in England alone. Selling dangerous psychiatric drugs for profit may be good business, but it’s bad medicine.

The dangers associated with psychiatric drugs are known. They’ve been known for a long time. So for psychiatrists to ignore them and suggest otherwise is a blatant disregard for human life.

We therefore have a responsibility to continue pointing out the fraudulent nature of psychiatry. We must also point out that real doctors, not psychiatrists, have the skills to find and treat physical conditions manifesting as mental illness. When that is done, the supposed need for antidepressants would not exist and people would not end up as life-long psychiatric patients.

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