Psychiatry continually advertise failures to get more Government funds

The Budget announced on 29 October 2018 prompted all sorts of statements and press releases from different sources. Senior UK psychiatrists were no exception as they jumped on the bandwagon, clamouring for more funding for their profession.

Two billion pounds of public funds was earmarked for mental health, but this was still greeted with some veiled groans from the psychiatric hierarchy. Why? Consider this – in 2015-16, the NHS in England spent £11.4 billion on mental health while the planned spend in 2017-18 was £11.9 billion. That represents a large amount of taxpayer’s hard-earned cash. There is however a fundamental issue surrounding the psychiatric profession. That issue is results.

Psychiatry is a profession that has to continually advertise its failures to get more Government funding. The huge investment in psychiatry should have resulted in better mental health for the country, but we’re getting quite the opposite.

One observation relates to depression. Antidepressants, prescribed for depression, are increasing year-by-year. According to reports however, depression isn’t abating. Why not? Antidepressants don’t actually cure depression. They are chemical plasters which, when taken away, reveal the same mental wound that was there when the drugs were prescribed. Antidepressants however have cost taxpayers over £5 billion since 2000.

Another observation relates to psychosis. Psychiatric drugs prescribed for people having a psychotic episode can create a condition called akathisia, a restlessness which can be characterised by violence, aggression and even suicide. It’s a ridiculous situation. The drugs can create more illness that psychiatrists then claim to be able to ‘treat,’ and it’s all being done at taxpayer’s expense.

Another observation – in her response to the Budget, the President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists said more money was needed for things like maintaining mental health care buildings. The buildings may well need attention and upgrades, but the activities that go on in them isn’t resulting in well, rehabilitated and contributing members of society. Psychiatry is making people into patients for life, with no expectation of a cure for their mental difficulties.

Leading psychiatric agencies such as the World Psychiatric Association admit psychiatrists don’t know the causes or cures for any mental disorder or what their ‘treatments’ specifically do to the patient. So why continue to invest in a failing profession?

The Royal College continues to call for parity between mental and physical health. Just as physical health would be the outcome of effective physical healing, so would mental health have to be the outcome of effective mental healing. The harsh reality however of any comparison between physical and mental healing breaks down when contrasting the results of physical healing to the results of what passes for mental treatment today.

If psychiatry was in the private sector and wasn’t propped up by public funds, it would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. It doesn’t have any science and it doesn’t have any cures. Be fully informed about how psychiatry spends your money. You might not approve.

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