Without the protection of basic human rights, there can only be diminished mental health

With ECT and psychosurgery under critical public scrutiny, psychiatry has been feverishly searching for a new ‘breakthrough miracle’.

The new catch phrases that the psychiatric industry has come up with are ‘deep brain stimulation’ (DBS), ‘transcranial magnetic stimulation’ (TMS), and as covered recently in the Guardian newspaper, ‘vagus nerve stimulation’ (VNS). It is a treatment being suggested for people diagnosed with depression.

The vagus nerve is the cranial nerve that connects the brain to the internal organs in the body.

VNS is a nerve-brain stimulator. An electrode is wrapped around the vagus nerve in the neck and  then connected to a pacemaker implanted in the patient’s chest wall. The apparatus is programmed to produce electrical stimuli in the brain.

Over the past few decades, many a critic has drawn comparisons between psychiatric experiments and the unconscionable ‘science’ perpetrated by Nazi practitioners in concentration camps.

Psychiatrists will not be able to dispel these notions, unless and until they stop claiming scientific value for their techniques.

These new high-tech ‘treatments’ for the brain will continue to be used to create the appearance of scientific progress, but in the end, psychiatry will be no closer to identifying any causes or effecting any cures. Instead, their betrayal and brutality in the name of mental health continues.

Physically intrusive and damaging practices violate the doctor’s pledge to uphold the Hippocratic Oath and ‘Do no harm.’

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Fatigue, disorientation, delirium, confusion, inability to concentrate, inexplicable pains and hundreds of other symptoms can be caused by a large number of known physical conditions, which psychiatrists never thoroughly investigate before prescribing their ‘treatments.’

Persons in desperate circumstances must be provided proper and effective medical care to find undiagnosed physical conditions manifesting as a mental illness.

With the inherent contradiction between alleged treatment and results, which create long-term psychiatric patients, it falls to the wider community to expose psychiatric abuse and demand reforms.

Psychiatry has proven one thing. Without the protection of basic human rights, there can only be diminished mental health.


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