It doesn’t matter if a psychiatrist is qualified or unqualified – the results are the same

There have been several headlines in November regarding a criminal psychiatrist. Dr Zholia Alemi who was found guilty in October of four fraud and theft charges, has now been found to have had fake qualifications.

Fake psychiatrist Zholia Alemi

There was however one particularly misleading headline. It stated ‘Thousands could have been harmed by unqualified NHS psychiatrist.’ To say thousands could have been harmed could make any undiscerning reader think a qualified psychiatrist doesn’t harm people. That’s misleading as it’s not true.

Thousands of people who have turned to psychiatrists for help have been harmed. They continue to be harmed on a regular basis by qualified psychiatrists who claim to be guardians of mental health but who, in actuality, are guardians of mental illness. It doesn’t matter whether the person has a degree or not. The results are the same.

Qualified psychiatrists can prescribe and forcibly administer dangerous mind-altering drugs to vulnerable people. Some of those drugs can cause suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour; they can cause other drug-induced conditions and they even exacerbate the condition that the person had in the first place.

Qualified psychiatrists can also forcibly pass electricity through a person’s brain. Known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), it has all the marks of physical torture methods. Qualified psychiatrists can also detain a person, lock them up, and forcibly administer psychiatric treatment without the person’s consent.

It’s a modern day travesty of justice that psychiatrists are able to continue this charade while racking up thousands of fatalities. Figures show there were 1,115 deaths recorded by the NHS over three years of people detained under the Mental Health Act. That’s more than one death a day. Figures also show there were 11,169 deaths linked to antidepressant drugs over a 25-year period. That’s also more than one death a day.

Finally, there are the manufactured ‘disorders’ that keep emerging from psychiatric imaginations. These scientific-sounding but meaningless labels are used to fuel the profit-driven psychiatric industry.

Psychiatry is a make-it-up-as-you-go-along industry, so the results of qualified or unqualified psychiatrists are going to be the same. The shame of it though is the fact that they continue to be accepted as credible while the results are people crippled by toxic psychiatric drugs, life-long patients and premature death.

For the sake of people who need real help, it’s vital to invest in and practice real medicine, not psychiatry.

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