Real medicine versus psychiatry

Various attempts have been made and continue to be made, to try and put mental health on an even footing with physical health. The current election campaign is no exception.

The idea of equal priorty for mental and physical health has been given the fancy-sounding description, ‘parity of esteem’ and has become a regular sound bite used by psychiatrists. It’s also being used by politicians in their speeches.

It must be frustrating for psychiatrists and the psychiatric industry as a whole when it’s regularly reminded the profession is not considered to be on the same playing field as real medical doctors who practice real medicine.

But when you look at the results of mental and physical health, it’s not that difficult to see why this is the case. Psychiatrists have not presented any evidence to prove any mental ‘diseases’ exist. While mainstream physical medicine treats diseases proven to exist with objective evidence and physical tests, psychiatry can only deal with ‘disorders’ that are based on nothing more than opinion.

Leading psychiatric agencies such as the World Psychiatric Association admit psychiatrists don’t know the causes or cures for any mental disorder or what their ‘treatments’ specifically do to the patient.

A common psychiatric theory is that mental disorders result from a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain. As with other psychiatric theories, there is no biological or other evidence to prove this theory, and so it goes on and on. Consider all of these arguments and the fact there’s no science and no cures, it starts to become clear why psychiatrists are not considered real doctors.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has called for parity between mental and physical health. But consider this – just as physical health would be the outcome of effective physical healing, so would mental health have to be the outcome of effective mental healing. That however is not the case. The harsh reality of any comparison between physical and mental healing breaks down when contrasting the results of physical healing to the results of what passes for mental treatment today.

It is a matter of sound medical fact that undiagnosed physical illness or injury can trigger emotional difficulties. Several studies show that those diagnosed with a ‘mental illness’ were actually suffering from a physical condition. Real doctors look for and find those conditions. Psychiatrists, however, continue to ‘treat’ people with drugs that mask the real cause of the problems, so denying the person the opportunity for real recovery and hope for the future.

The true resolution of many mental difficulties begins, not with a checklist of symptoms, but with ensuring a competent non-psychiatric doctor completes a thorough physical examination to find the undiagnosed physical condition.

It’s time to practice real medicine, not psychiatry.

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