Royal College hurriedly deletes criminal psychiatrist from its website

Despite being convicted on 29 September and sentenced on Thursday 19 October, one of the poster boys for the Royal College of Psychiatrists was still on their website on the day of sentencing.

It would appear College administrators aren’t keeping tabs on their members, especially when they’re appearing in court on criminal charges.

Despite being convicted of supplying cocaine, fraud, and possessing a Class B drug, Ovais Badat was still listed on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website on the day he was sentenced (right). He was positioned alongside another psychiatrist with a checkered past, Raj Persaud, as one of the College poster boys who do podcasts (right).

Having informed the media department at the College headquarters of Badat’s criminal activities, along with his custodial sentence of 2 years and 6 months, the College web administrators took action.

On Friday morning, the profile of the disgraced psychiatrist had been deleted.

As a mental health watchdog, CCHR is aware of the unscrupulous and criminal activities that psychiatrists engage in.

If you are aware of a situation that involves potentially criminal activities in the mental health system, you can report it to the local police so that it can be investigated and so that action can be taken.

You can also report abuse to CCHR UK via our dedicated abuse reporting page.


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