Protect and preserve your mental health

CCHR UK does not claim to have all the answers. However, it refuses to turn a blind eye to the abuses carried out in the name of mental health.

doctorexamA key factor in the protection and preservation of anyone’s mental health would include being fully informed.

According to psychiatrists, there are no cures for mental illness, yet billions of taxpayers’ money is spent on unworkable psychiatric practices and expensive drugs that have serious effects.

The Government pays huge sums for psychiatric advisors and consultants to aid them in the education system, the courts and drug rehabilitation where effective solutions are needed but are not delivered.

The practice of polypharmacy (multiple prescriptions of different drugs for one diagnosis), involving mind-altering and addictive drugs or combined with highly addictive painkillers, is a serious irregular practice – yet it is practiced every day in psychiatric facilities.

Even prescriptions of single psychiatric drugs can be so dangerous as to cause serious effects including death or suicide.

In order to protect and preserve your mental health, you may find some of our recommendations useful

First and foremost, one should sign an Advance Statement, a psychiatric Living Will, stating you do not wish to receive psychiatric drugs or other psychiatric treatments should you lose capacity to consent to treatment. Ensure a copy of the document is kept with your medical records, with your lawyer and with a trusted member of your family.

When presented with a mental problem, whether it be from the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, through taking illicit drugs known to produce psychosis, through some physical trauma such as rape, an operation or simply feeling down and depressed, it is important to remember that all these things are “symptoms.”

When such conditions exist, they don’t require harmful practices such as restraints, dangerous drugs and electro shock treatment. Many conditions can be triggered by an undiagnosed and untreated physical condition. Doctors should always look for the underlying causes that would alleviate the mental symptoms and not just leave patients drugged without any cures.

It is vitally important to find out what is causing the ‘symptoms’ that are experienced.  Remember, these ‘symptoms’ cannot be seen under a microscope, unlike real deseases such as cancer and diabetes. So, before any treatment is undertaken, you have the right to demand that your doctor carries out tests for underlying, undiagnosed medical conditions, allergies, toxins or even chiropractic abnormalities (pinched nerves), causing mental stress or other problems.