What can I do to help?

1. Let us know about human rights abuses via our website or in writing. Tell us about unnecessary drug use, electroshock therapy treatments, psychosurgery and other damaging practices that have led to long term effects, permanent damage, even fatalities. Click here to report an abuse. All information is kept confidential.

2. Protect yourself with an Advance Statement/Decision. In the event you are unaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAble to make decisions about your care and treatment, an Advance Statement or Psychiatric Living Will can protect you if you do not wish to receive psychiatric treatments such as drugs or electroshock treatment.

3. Parents – protect your child. Download and complete a Parent Exemption Form and send it to your child’s school to let them know that without written consent from you, your child is to be exempt from any social service programmes, counselling, and screening.

4. Help us by talking about these issues. Use our documentaries in seminars, tell others about the abuses, and find people you know who can also educate others. Campaign for better laws to stop drugging and using abusive treatments on our children, families and friends. Visit your Member of Parliament and inform him/her of the need for reform in mental health law.

5. Find out more. Read our website. Go to our website shop and buy one of our DVDs that gives much more information. Show this to others, and help those around you to get informed on the truth about psychiatric treatments.

6. Refuse psychotropic drug-based or invasive treatments that lead into a ‘cycle of demise’ or death, whether for yourself or for your children and friends. Side effects are increasingly associated with these treatments, and are killing more of us than any other unnatural deaths. Report side effects using the Yellow Card System to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

7. Become a member and donate to our campaigns. Set up a standing order or a monthly donation which provides us with the funding needed to campaign against the medicalising of normal behaviours and the drugging of people and children with mind altering drugs. We rely entirely upon your gifts, donations and the goodwill of our staff and volunteers, partners and supporters.