Parliamentarian Information

CCHR UK is committed to:

  • Help professionals who seek out and address the underlying symptoms, rather than simply prescribing drugs or harmful invasive treatments.
  • Help the Government reduce the NHS Budget by exposing mental health waste.  Currrently, Mental Health Disorders receives the largest slice of the NHS Budget at £11.2 billion per year despite the fact that psychiatrits admit they have no cures for their patients.
  • Ensure that the facts are available to lawmakers to help them stop ‘drugging the population’, removing or destroying parts of the brain with surgery and electric shocking the elderly, pregnant women and children.
  • Campaign for jail sentences and big financial penalities for those who cause the death of their patients through psychotropic drugs, and for those who supply, sponsor or prescribe these deadly drugs.
  • Stop the automatic screening, labelling and diagnosing of mental conditions based on ‘voted in’ criteria by groups of International psychiatrists.

Drug Approval

Drugs are being approved and enter the market with ‘approved for use’ based upon two good results from trials. Often many trials will be commissioned, and recommissioned until there are two sets of results that can be used for approval of psychotropic drugs. Rarely are long term studies done to show the damage or lifelong problems caused by the drugs.  More investigatons need to be done in pursuit of legislation to control this cycle.

Drugs are the First, Second and Only Solutions

Today there is a mental health monoply that attacks any and all other possible solutions to mental health problems.  This monopoly advocates mental health screening for early intervention of children, psychotropic drugs that can increase violence, aggression, suicides and death and electro shock use that destroys healthy memory and early death of those receiving it. When other non-psychiatric solutions are offered, doctors or practitioners are often met with character assignations by the pro-monopoly media, their jobs threatened and their studies do not get published in peer review journals or they cannot obtain research funds to show the efficacy of their treatments.

Committals are too easy

Under the new criteria for detention, utilising Community Treatment Orders (CTOs) the precedure was originally designed for the ‘few’ hundred patients who were deemed extremely dangerous to themselves and others.  However, as predicted, the use of CTOs have now become so common place that thousands of patients are being threatened with incarceration whether they have committed a crime or not, should they refuse the drugs that they believe are making them worse not better.  Psychiatrists have become jailers to huge amounts of people for merely non compliance to drugs they say are making them worse.

Early Intervention with Mental Health Screening

Under current Government plans, children are unwittingly being screened with subjective mental health screening resulting in more ‘treatment’ for preschool and primary school children. The use of subjective questionnaires ensures children will be labelled mentally disordered and given psychiatric drugs as the only solution.

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